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anshul goyal
I am a programmer. I love making video games. I take pleasure in writing code that involves the latest and richest tech.



UbisoftCurrent Role: Network Programmer @ Ubisoft

Electronic Arts Playfish/Electronic Arts(EA)

FIFA Superstars iOS Trouble Makers iOS RestaurantCity - GourmetEdition iOS

Team/Solo Game Projects

Pwrong Vibrant City No Evil
Cyber Terminal Bad Mood Rising Aquila
Devil's Lair Derelict chainjam game
10Floors Shotgun Hades Spring Break
A Shadow From Beyond Hjarta CTF-AISandbox
CTFU BananaSamurai NomNomRider
TheFall Fattie's Butterfly Hunt Tetris Clone - Test Project

Academic Writings



HitchWhistler Locemotion GreenMoney

Other Fun Stuff

Managotchi Madlibs 7Days - An interactive photo film
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